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The field of physical activity, sport and leisure is constantly changing. Sports Motherland is constantly adapting to the needs and market developments in order to offer our clients personalized quality services that meet their necessities. We design and implement sports solutions tailored made to the requirements and objectives of clubs, federations, companies and institutions, through our registered brands.


SML has 2 divisions, SML SPORTS AND SML MEDIA.


SML has developed programs all over the world. Working on a light weight structure policy and creating alliances with the best companies in every area with high reputation sport professionals in every discipline.

SML core business is soccer. Due to this core business we realized that many paralel services were demanded by our clients around this sport.
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Ramon Suñé


He founded SPORTS MOTHERLAND along with Oriol Bueno. SML developed youth football programs around the world, especially in Japan, Saudi Ara- bia, Algeria, Cyprus, Morocco, USA, where he collaborates with the respective football federations and private institutions with the aim of promoting social integration and equality opportunities through the practice of this sport. SML own the trademark BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY. Brand aiming to improve high performance players and clubs all over the world thought its programs. Currently he is developing sports facilities plans focused on Sports Tourism.


Oriol Bueno


He founded SPORTS MOTHERLAND along with Ramón Suñé. This partnership brought him to develop youth football programs worldwide through BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY. coaches portfolio. Currently he is developing integration systems between football and technology. As a sports consultant he developes and implements high performance and recreational programs for Federations, clubs and companies. Skype: uribueno Website: Social: Facebook Linkedin

  • I prefer people who just want to improve and compete in a healthy way. Extremely competitive profiles many times cannot distinguish between his team and the opponent
SML Sports

Company size is not critical, if the appropriate long-term strategy is used. Sports Motherland helps you design, implement and evaluate this strategy to achieve your goals with the best possible efficiency.


Any initiative for investment in sports facilities requires careful economic and financial study to guarantee the viability of the project. The analysis and vision of an independent expert will help validate and guide the project.


Get a functional, profitable and with a design known architectural aesthetics combine the functionality of its use is a complex task. With our experience we will help you design your sports facility Forecast and needs space, circulation, materials and finishes. We also monitor the work and preparation of the opening of the facility for it to be a success even before opening its doors.


The day to day management can not devote enough time to analyze the organization and design strategies and projects to improve daily operations. Planning campaigns and sales or drafting management plans for new projects are tasks that require time and reflection. Whatever your need, Sports Motherland team, will help you create those tools to optimize your organization and manage any process of change.


The amazing and long lasting success of Spanish sports can be enjoyed by sport federations, clubs, gubernamental institutions and private companies. BARCELONA SPORTS INSTITUTE manages top talented coaches and world class champion sportsmen/women in all disciplines, prepared to sha- re and transmit its capacities in the desired programs worldwide.


BARCELONA SOCCER ACADEMY (BSA) is a football organization founded in Barcelona in 2010 by a group of professionals who have long-standing and recognized experience in the world of teaching soccer, many of them in the formative stages of FC BARCELONA. BSA aims to use sport as a tool for the transmission of values that are integral to the practice of team sports, while also being aware of the enormous educational impact any sport can have on an individual in particular and society in general. BSA ́s ultimate objective is to provide young athletes with habits and forms of conduct based on respect, tolerance and fellowship. BSA has developed a modern working method and a quality product, dealing with fundamental aspects of football in technical, tactical and physical training. Our aim is to improve each player level through a solid and proved methodology.

SML Media
The days when sport could only be watched on one of a handful of terrestrial television channels have long gone.
The Internet is now a significant medium for sport coverage, allowing fans to access the latest news about their favorite team, sport or event. The technology and means available for delivering sport to different sections of society is continuing to rapidly grow.


The new media explosion does more than begin to make “any sport, any event, any time, any device” a viable reality for the fan. It also begins to blur the boundary between gaming and reality. The list of possible outlets for sport is seemingly endless: high definition and 3D television, IPTV, mobile phones, YouTube, web streaming, digital radio, iPlayer, games consoles, and social networking sites. SML has the knowhow to guide your company on that process.


SML opened the partners scope in order to create the perfect environment for the sports integration with new technologies. Our participated companies provide the perfect partner to develop on the right way how the relation between sport and media, technology, legal services and marketing products. Future is ready, your eyes are the future, from now you decide; Choose the place, choose the time, choose the contents.


The Dream VR is the first Virtual Reality TV platform in the world. A new way of experiencing sport, an amazing and immersive TV with 360o top sportsmen tutorials and live international sports events.


The Dream TV is not just for watch! Feel it, live it, and share it.



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